Hashnode BootCamp FALL 2023 - My Learnings

My Learning from the Hashnode Bootcamp

More than 10+ hours of Hashnode Bootcamp summarized by me for the readers. Here you will have the important stuff from all of the talks by the amazing speakers of the Bootcamp.

Get A Remote Job by Documenting Your Work - Deni

  1. Your Profile

    • Clean profile pic.

    • Bio - who you are, what you do.

    • Banner - keep it clean and minimal. Complementing your profile and Bio

    • One most relevant link related to you / work you are doing. linktree is not recommended.

    • Pinned Tweet - where you can put some extra information.

  2. Your Work

    • 3/4 tweets about what you are working on, progress,

    • 1 blog post/week

    • Don't overspend your time on X / Twitter.

  3. Your Community

    • Efforts from the above 2 steps help you here.

    • Tweet / Repost / Engage. Help, have coffee chats.

    • Share about your journey, and ask for opportunities since you have documented your work.

  4. Your Networking

    • Networking - a bunch of people that you can go to for opportunities. More professional and mindful practice than just asking. Not neccessarily your friends with whom you hang out.

    • Find people from your community with whom you can network.

    • DMs, don't be afraid to talk even to CEO's.

      NOTE: Have a list of people with whom you are interested to talk to or someone who wants to talk to you. MAKE A NETWORK LIST.

  5. Finally YOU


    • Don't be afraid to showcase who you are. Unless and until it doesn't harm anyone.

Documenting takes time, but with proper strategy, consistency and effort you can DO IT!!

Technical Writing Tips - Haimantika Mitra

What your Technical Articles must have?

How to write better?

  • Purposeful writing

  • Use simple examples and simple language

  • Add frequent checkpoints

  • Define your target audience

  • Avoid too many links

Some examples to learn from about documentation:

Great Technical Writing is a result of practice and consistency.

Communities and Open Source

Building Developer Communities through Trunk-Based Management - Flo Merian

Trunk-based development - A strategy to manage git workflows that suggests merging commits in a single branch, instead of the git flow that suggests working on multiple branches.

Conducted Two experiments:

  1. More Channels

  2. Fewer Channels

Experiment - 2 provided far better results than 1.

Fewer channels lead to fewer choices and increasing engagement.

Building Connections in Open Source - Rafael Hernandez

What is Unique about Open Source?

  • No Limitations for beginners or experts.

  • Code and Non-Code Contributions both can be done.

Learning in Open Source:

Pick Up What They Put Down

  • Engage deeply with contributors and experts in your community

  • Provide answers or feedback, share your insights or summarize.

  • Share your work, and help others in their work/project.

  • Always credit the for the work.

Best Open Source Community - Eddie Hub

Always Remember: Give Back to the Community.

Use Rix as your Pair Programmer - Sam

Rix is one of the best AI tools that I have used. It comes with these three powerful modes and each mode with its unique taste. You can also add its Chrome extension.

Code Writer is the best for developers and even better than some of the other AI tools out there.

How you can use Rix:

  • To learn a new concept

  • Debug, or improve your code

  • Best Pair Programmer for your code.

  • Summarizes links, and web URLs.

To All Junior Devs out there - Building Universes, and Not Just Code - Sabrina

This session was surely an eye-opening session for me and this will open your eyes too.


  • Programmers are getting worse. They do not fit the expectations that the market is putting for them.

  • Shallow resources out there. Content is superficial.

  • Devs don't know what's going on behind the scenes.

How to Stand Out?

  • Understand the abstraction layers you're using.

  • The industry is more sophisticated than it once was.

  • Going from Level 3 to Level 5 is much easier, and from 1 to 3 is much harder.

  • Technologies on the lower levels like 5 use the technologies on the upper levels like 1. Switching becomes easier if you learn the tech from the mid-level.

Learn the fundamentals.

Wrapping Up

Hope you got new learning from this blog. Thanks for reading till the end !! I really enjoyed this boot camp by Hashnode. Very fortunate to be a part of this amazing community. I started my blogging journey here, you can start yours too. Just go to hashnode, make your account and start writing. You can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.